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Welcome to my website. - udated in December, 2016.

I was born in Bootle, a small town on the edge of Liverpool, just before the start of the Second World War. My mother, baby brother and myself were evacuated to Southport.

Liverpool with its dance halls, highly regarded repertory theatre and philharmonic orchestra, along with the world famous Cavern Club,was a wonderful place to grow up

It was at dance that I met Richard. He said, “IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE ONE-EYED MAN IS KING”. I was so impressed, I fell in love him straight away. Six months later, we were married. “You’ll have more dinner hours than dinners with him,” my mother warned. This proved to be untrue.

We married, left Liverpool for Colchester and had three sons, David, Paul and Patrick. By then I had already started to write short stories. My first was published in a magazine called Storyteller published in Birkenhead. I submitted a story called PERHAPS I SHOULD BE DEAD. To my intense delight it was accepted and I earned five pounds. My very first sale! I sent a copy to my mother. ‘If you’d been here, I would have slapped your face,’ she wrote back. Thanks, Mum.

Time passed and the children began to leave home until I was left childless. I suffered badly from empty nest syndrome. I missed doing their washing and buying cornflakes in the supermarket, but gradually the fact that I could now write full time took hold. I had a Regency novel published, LILA, and a play called WHEN ADAM DELVED AND EVE SPAN on at the local theatre. I thought I had arrived, but it was to be another eight years before I was commissioned by Orion publishers to write STEPPING STONES, set in Liverpool as are most of my novels.

My novels have sold about five million copies. To date I have had thirty published, two, both thrillers are only on kindle.

And the children? Well, David lives in London and has become a successful Disc Jockey and record producer. He and his wife, Maya, recently presented us with our first grandchild, a very vocal little boy called Ziggy. Paul has travelled the world and now teaches English as a foreign language in Colchester. Patrick lives in Yorkshire with his partner, Charlotte. He is an artist and his work is described as sci-fi, pastiche and surrealist. It can be viewed on

I wonder frequently how my mother would have reacted to my success as a writer.

Oh, and Richard died last July. We had been together for almost sixty years and I shall miss him until the day I die.

Maureen Lee



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