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cover - The Kelly SistersTHE KELLY SISTERS

It's 1925 and Patricia, Tara and Aideen couldn't be more excited about leaving Dublin with their father and heading for a new life in Liverpool. Yet it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems, for the day after they arrive in England, Bernie hastily sweeps the girls onto a huge ocean liner heading to New York, leaving no forwarding address.

When their father vanishes midway across the Atlantic, the grieving sisters prepare themselves for a new life in the big city, far from home, friends and family. For whatever their father was running from has every chance of catching up with the girls, unless they can do their best to build new lives in New York . . 

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cover - The Seven Streets of LIverpoolTHE SEVEN STREETS OF LIVERPOOL

It is 1942 and Liverpool is approaching it's fourth Christmas of the war. In Pearl Street, Bootle, people are still making the best of things, though it isn't easy. Eileen Stephens is worried that her dear husband, Nick, who was badly injured in the RAF, is spending too much time in London rather than with his wife and son back home. Jessica Fleming returns to Bootle to seek out Jack Doyle who was the father of her daughter Penny. She needs his 'help' a second time. Young Phyllis Taylor has come to look for her missing father, and Sean Doyle returns to the street having lost all memory of his past. When the war eventually ends, most of the street is rapturous with joy, but for some it is only sadness that they can look forward to.

This book follows Lights Out Liverpool, Put Out the Fires, and Through the Storm, turning the Pearl Street trilogy into a quartet.

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cover - After the War is OverFLORA AND GRACE

It's 1944 and teenager Flora Knox is enjoying a beautiful spring morning at a railway station in Switzerland. As she watches, a cattle train pulling a fleet of slatted trucks draws closer to the platform. From within comes the sound of human groaning and pleading, evidence of a desperate journey across the Swiss coutryside.

Horrified, Flora runs to the train as it slowly clatters through the station, and as she does so, a filthy bundle of rags is pushed out into her arms. Through the slats of the carriage, she hears a woman's voice whisper, "Take him. His name is Simon."

As the train disappears, Flora is left holding a tiny baby boy. Everything looks just the same as it did moments before - the sun, the sky, the station - but for Flora nothing will ever be the same again...

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Emily Murphy wonders if she's lost her plug. She doesn't seem to be connected to life's electricity any more as she wanders around her enormous, empty home. Her once-idealistic, handsome husband Alex, has metamorphosed into a hard, ruthless, work-obsessed capitalist, the children are long gone and so are her looks.

Then into her life comes Mae McNulty, the cleaner. With four children by four absent men, not to mention a lady-killing, sharp-dressing father, an irascible grandfather, and an illegally enlarged council house, Mae could not be more different from her employer.

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cover - After the War is Over cover - Amy's Diary cover - Au Revoir Liverpool cover - Martha's Journey
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Nothing Lasts Forever - cover cover - Mother of Pearl cover - A dream Come True cover - The Leaving of Liverpool
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cover - Kitty and her Sisters September Girls - cover cover - Old House on the Corner cover Queen of the Mersey

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cover Lime Street Blues cover - The House by Princes Park cover - Laceys of Liverpool cover The Girl from Barefoot House
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cover Dancing in the Dark cover Liverpool Annie cover Throgh the Storm cover Put Out the Fires
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  cover - Lights out Liverpool cover Stepping Stones  
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